#PrEP Three Years On, #TBT

Today was the third anniversary of the FDA’s approval for the use of Truvada as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and it’s almost unbelievable how far we’ve come.

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Oral Sex & Spoken Word #TBT

I always say that Los Angeles is the nicest shit-hole that anyone could possibly ever want to live in; the turgid traffic jams, multitude of self-important asshats and the ubiquitous feeling of isolation are the price one pays to live in a city  boundless semi-urban sprawl defined by its flawless weather, intriguing mysteries, and cadre of brilliant and ambitious working artists.

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SF HIV Infection at All-Time Low (Thanks #PrEP!)

I’m on the board of Project Inform, a nonprofit which focuses HIV and Hep-C policy and education; P.I.’s staff of passionate and dedicated professionals design pamphlets and videos to help doctors and patients keep informed about the latest developments in HIV treatment and prevention, educate health care professionals about new developments in the law, and they advise policymakers on the Federal, State and Municipal level as to the best ways to bring the epidemic to an end. P.I. does not provide direct services in the form of treatment or prevention—P.I. provides information.

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