Talking PrEP With Tyler Pratt

Tyler Pratt
Tyler Pratt

Howdy Gang! I’m sorry to say that there is no new episode of the Novus Homo podcast this week—I’m taking a small hiatus from podcast while I explore the South’s famous hospitality—new and regular episodes will resume in June.  Instead I would like to draw your attention to this great piece on PrEP and gay sex  from Tyler Pratt, which features interviews with PreP Facts founder, Damon Jacobs, and your’s truly.

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Rica Shay Releases New Video w/ Merle G

Rica Shay, photo by Bradley Roberge

Let’s have a big round of birthday love for Rica Shay! The queer hip hop artist turns 28 today, and he has a new music video, “Deep Breath,” with the one and only Merle G. Rica Shay is like family to me, and I’m so incredibly proud of him and both the man and the artist that he has become.

And I am very very thankful that Rica declined to take a piece of advice I gave him many years ago.

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The Shape of Home

Brenden reads the “Army of Lovers” Speech from Plato’s ‘Symposium’

For different people home means different things. For some it might be their childhood home, or the city they grew up in, or the apartment they share with their lover or best friend. For me, home is an altogether different kind of place.

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