VivvyAnne ForeverMORE is Living The Dream (In L.A.!)

VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!

Last week i was joined on The Novus by the lovely and gracious VivvyAnne ForeverMORE to talk about the show she recently co-produced: Work MORE! 7: Daughters of a Riot, which was a celebration of San Francisco’s hidden queer history, via the mediums of drag performance, signing, burlesque, and dance. By all accounts it was an amazing program, and now Vivvy is making her way to L.A.

I’ve been friends with Vivvy/Mica for just about forever, way before she started doing drag, since back when he was a little emo/punk boy—who, frankly, little raver/stoner Bren (as I was called back then) was not that fond of for a host of foolish reasons—and the impact Mica’s transformation into Vivvy had on me was profound. That transformation and her talent helped instill a great appreciation for drag as an art form. Which was part of the reason I was so excited to have her on the podcast.

I know few queers who have thought as deeply about the important role drag plays in gay culture, and i have the great pleasure to pick her brain about drag’s past and future, and the impact of the ubiquitous Ru Paul’s Drag Race on both drag as an art form and drag as a culture, and the sprawling shared queer family that Vivvy and I have found ourselves in together—and the way in which San Francisco shaped it and us.

House of More

If any of you L.A. homos didn’t get a chance to see Vivvy at Work MORE 7, worry not! She’s coming to you!

On Saturday June 4, she will be making a special appearance at Industry Gallery
801 E. 7th St. / DTLA / 6-11pm

On Sunday June 5, she will be in conversation with Marcel Alcala at the in Segovia Hall at the Ace Hotel as part of the Queer Biennial.

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