Eli Rarey’s ‘The Exterminator’ Premieres at Atlanta Shorts Fest (7.15.16)

Brenden Shucart in Eli Rarey’s ‘The Exterminator’ (That’s my “skeptical face.”)

A few summers ago my friend Eli Rarey (The Famous Joe Project, Hard Decisionsshowed me a script he had written, and I instantly fell in love. It was about a gay guy living on his own after a break-up, and the exterminator who shows up to deal with an uncanny infestation. The story was melancholy and absurdly funny—and it tracked very neatly to where I was in my life at that moment. Now the short film that we made out of that awesome script, The Exterminator, is premiering this weekend at the Atlanta Shorts Fest.

I’m really excited that The Exterminator is going to be out in the world. It was my first project working with Eli—who was already my friend and someone whom I admired a great deal—and making this film together gave me even greater appreciation for his artistic vision and cinematic skills. It also gave me a chance to stretch my acting muscles, which had basically been on a high shelf since the last film I’d worked on several years earlier—James Franco and Travis MathewsInterior. Leather Bar. 

You can listen below to a conversation  between Eli and myself about another project we worked on together—the interactive story Hard Decisions. And check back here for more details on future screenings of The Exterminator.

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