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Eli Rarey’s ‘The Exterminator’ Premieres at Atlanta Shorts Fest (7.15.16)

Brenden Shucart in Eli Rarey’s ‘The Exterminator’ (That’s my “skeptical face.”)

A few summers ago my friend Eli Rarey (The Famous Joe Project, Hard Decisionsshowed me a script he had written, and I instantly fell in love. It was about a gay guy living on his own after a break-up, and the exterminator who shows up to deal with an uncanny infestation. The story was melancholy and absurdly funny—and it tracked very neatly to where I was in my life at that moment. Now the short film that we made out of that awesome script, The Exterminator, is premiering this weekend at the Atlanta Shorts Fest.

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Talking PrEP With Tyler Pratt

Tyler Pratt
Tyler Pratt

Howdy Gang! I’m sorry to say that there is no new episode of the Novus Homo podcast this week—I’m taking a small hiatus from podcast while I explore the South’s famous hospitality—new and regular episodes will resume in June.  Instead I would like to draw your attention to this great piece on PrEP and gay sex  from Tyler Pratt, which features interviews with PreP Facts founder, Damon Jacobs, and your’s truly.

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Burning Man & #2015USCA

Posing with Peter Staley & Timothy Brown

The last couple of months have been a flurry of travel and activity, and I have to admit that I’ve been kind of kicking myself for not using this blog to give a play -by-play of my adventures, but I’ve been in such a state of constant motion that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath, let alone unpack and process all of the experiences that I’ve had in the past couple of months—but I’m going to do my best to spend the next couple of weeks leading up to Folsom getting everything off my chest out and onto the internets before then so I can my favorite gay holiday with clean writing late, but in brief…

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